The grant is intended for organizations that advance progressive causes, communities and social good.

Who Can Apply

  • Nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) U.S. organizations or organizations that have an established fiscal sponsor with such status
  • Units of state or local government
  • Federally-recognized tribal communities or tribes

Additional Criteria

  • Annual organizational budget must be between $200K–$750k

Keep in mind that if awarded, your organization will be required to put financial and staff resources toward the execution of the grant. Footing material costs, dedicating staff time, and adhering to deadlines are part of the deal.

Material Costs

While Firebelly will handle all design work (e.g. signage, print materials, web design and development, space/experience design) and finalize files, you’ll be responsible for any and all hard costs associated with materials and production (e.g. printing, paper, production costs, web hosting, shipping, etc.). We suggest applicants plan to reserve a minimum of $10,000 for hard costs.

Staff + Time

Your organization should designate staff who will be able to meet on a regular basis (at least monthly) to discuss project needs and progress. You’ll also be responsible for meeting deadlines throughout the year. Continually missed deadlines may result in cancellation of the grant.